About Us

iEats has been designed as the most economical and user-friendly restaurant, café and pub directory, available.

The platform’s intention is to make it as quick and easy as possible for the public to find the ideal restaurant, café or pub for a great dining experience, that meets all of their wants and needs.

All services are completely free to the public and the public will receive special discount offers and deals without the need for any membership fees.

Restaurants, cafes and pubs can become members for the lowest costs available.

iEats will provide an inexpensive and comprehensive one-stop marketing platform for restaurants, cafes and pubs without the need for each venue to have the expense of running their own website.

Our aim is twofold. Firstly for iEats to be the Go-To guide for the dining public to locate a great restaurant, café or pub for their best dining experience. Secondly it is for both restaurants, cafes and pubs, and the dining public, to receive complete satisfaction from our services.